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Ondeh Ondeh Castella Loaf Cake


Yuzu Castella Whole Cake

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Original Castella Loaf Cake


Did you know that the castella cake was brought to Japan by the Portuguese in the 16th century? This moist fluffy cake was embraced by the Japanese who have given it their own spin. We love how the richness of the castella is nicely harmonised with the fragrant Gula Melaka infused fresh shredded coconut, resulting in a robustly flavoured cake that is fabulous on its own or paired with your favourite coconut ice cream or fragrant tea. After a heavy meal, everyone can still make room for this delicious dessert!


1. Please store in your chiller, away from direct sunlight, heat and humidity and consume within 5 days.
2. No preservatives are used so please consume fresh for maximum enjoyment.
3. To prolong shelf life, this cake may be frozen but do consume within 2 weeks for optimal flavour.


Key Ingredients: Egg, Milk, Cake Flour, Evaporated Milk, Condensed Milk, Sugar

Weight: 290g

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