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Specialty Prawn Ngoh Hiang


Chilli Crab Dumplings 300g (12 pcs)

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Carrot Cake w/ Seafood Sauce 1.1kg


Did you know the Chinese word in Hokkien dialect for “radish” (‘cai tou’) is a homonym for luck or fortune, making this an especially welcomed gift and dish to enjoy during the festive season? Ours is made with fresh radish and generously dotted with savoury Chinese sausage and dried shrimp, each set is good for 6-8 to share!

Chef’s Recommendation: Slice the carrot cake into pieces and then pan fry it. You will enjoy a tasty snack with a crusty exterior and a soft fluffy interior!

Ingredients: Radish, Rice Flour, Wheat Flour, Corn Flour, Salt, Sugar, Chicken Powder Seasoning, White Pepper, Dried Shrimp, Chinese Sausage, Hoisin Sauce

Please keep chilled and ideally consume within 7 days as no preservatives have been used. To enjoy, either heat up by steaming or by cutting into slices to pan fry.

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